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  1. Why on Earth is your daily scrum still in the morning?

    A ramble on why a daily scrum in the morning makes no sense to me

  2. My 'great' business idea failed before I got a sale, and here is why

    One man's painful journey to failing at his big idea

  3. Beginning modern application development with .NET Core - Part 1: Getting started and writing some code

  4. Test Guardian - The beginning of my open source business journey

    A glimpse into the life of someone creating an open source business.

  5. Beginning modern application development with .NET Core - Part 0: What is .NET Core?

  6. How to make your responsive mobile website hurt my heart

    I think the most ironic part about responsive websites is that of the first word: responsive. It seems to have become a pattern wherein people take their over-complicated, bloated website: add a few media queries or use a few framework components and hide the elements that do not fit.

  7. The art of over engineering your side projects

    Many software engineers who develop software as a hobby often have side projects. The sad thing is, those software engineers often have the tendency to over-engineer their side projects, put all of their effort into mundane and, let’s be honest, pointless tasks and burn out before they’ve even finished their MVP.